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Now that you have got your ranks, first of all you have to decide whether you will prefer branch or the college.
This question has been raised by the students for long and will be continued in future.
MY SUGGESTION: I will say if you should prefer branch if you have any particular interests in any field.
Also, if you have plans for getting a job after graduation you must prefer branch.
But if you will be definitely going for an M.B.A. after the college, you may prefer college but don't settle for very low branches.

Next What?
Now find last year's cut-off ranks for different colleges for your branch or your colleges at the comedk website or click here.
Select 6 or 7 colleges where you stand at your rank.
Compare these colleges from the top 20 rank list on my website or anywhere.
But don't just decide on this ranking or any other rankings on internet,
But though I have tried to give you the best ranking after doing a lot of researches for my admission, last year.
Make a priority list.

How to decide?
So, you have your priority list. Now do some googling and find various articles at different forums about your colleges.
Contact seniors at these forums and take their opinions. I will be giving you addresses of some of these forums at the end of this article.
Make some social contacts on facebook or any other social sites on different pages of these colleges.
Contact if any of your relatives or friends studies in some engineering college at Bangalore.
Advices of these people are important but also remember,
They may mislead you, as students of lower ranked colleges tie up with management to bring admissions for them in turn of monetary benefits.

When you come for Counselling:
Schedule you journey three days in advance of the counselling dates and use this time to visit the college personally.
Talk with the faculties and definitely talk with students studying. This is the most important step.
So, finalise your priority list well in advance before going to counselling.

Day of Counselling:
Go to the counselling venue at the time of an earlier session so that you don't get late.
Don't pay heed to any of the gossips going at the counselling venues.
Stick to your priority list.
It has been observed that students make wrong decisions at the college centre.

For Other suggestions, Click here.

Get Top 20 college ranking for comedk


  1. hi my rank : 17993
    which could be the best possible college for me irrespective of branch (not biotec..)??
    my main criteria is placement..
    is there any chance for getting in pesit/bms other campuses??
    thanks in advance

  2. hi my rank in comedk is 9415 plzzzz tell me which could be the best college for cs or ec according to my rank so that i can get placement fom campus plzzz i want to support my family plzzz

  3. sir,my comedk rank is 10720 . iwant to tahe admission in eee or computer science, plz suggest me that which colleges are best for me according to my rank.plz help me as soon as possible.

  4. can u give me placement details of RV & PESIT

  5. sir, i got a rank of 8032 i vant to study a core engg subject expect civil! vat r my options in cmedk?

  6. sir, my rank is 2010 and want to opt for mechanical
    Could u suggest the bst college for d same!!!!!!!!

  7. I want to know best colleges in bangalore.......

  8. Sir, my predicated rank is 9274.which college is best for me for cs & ece

  9. Sir, my predicated rank is 9274.which college is best for me for cs & ece

  10. My rank in COMEDK UGET 2015 is nearly 14000 & i want CS branch.Please suggest me which college would be best for me as per my rank?

  11. If i select a seat in the second round COMEDK UGET 2015 counseling then my first round allotted seat will be cancelled OR after selecting a seat in the second round counseling, i can still get admission on my first round allotted seat?

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