Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A few points for the first year students

Location:Bangalore Bangalore, Karnataka, India
This is for all the new entrants to the VTU system based on my experience:

1) Don't don't ignore the internals.
This is the mistake that most of us do. VTU colleges generally have three internal exams. It constitutes about 22% of the marks which will be imprinted on the final marks sheet of the semester examination.
First internals are generally easier compared to the other two. Try scoring in the first two internals and chill in the last.

2) Study regularly
Aah, the same thing that you have been listening for long. But believe me even I never followed it till the last sem. But, now i think that it is time tested advice and really works.

3) Buy used books.
You can easily get used books at the discount from Avenue Road(Bangalore) and can later return it for next sem books. You can easily save a lot.

4) Revaluation
You can apply for revaluation after the results are declared. For that first you have to apply for photocopy.
It will take nearly a thousand rupee per subject. Applying for lab subjects costs around 5000rs.

5) Branch Change
You can go for change in the branch subject to the availability of the seats in the particular branch.
College administration may charge you hefty amount of money if you don't have good marks.

6) Ask Seniors and faculties
Yes, the seniors are willing to guide you unless you approach. Maintain good rapport with the faculties as they have got a lot of power under VTU systems. They are responsible for sending the final marks for the lab exams.

7) Sometimes toppers also fail.
Don't get disheartened by the failures. Many toppers of their schools struggle in the college. It doesn't prove a thing. Its you within what matters. Try hard and try continously. You are ultimately bound to taste successes.

8) More than 4 backs in a year means year-back.
I hope you know this!!!

9) Avoid Rat traps
What??? Rat traps???
Oh, then you have not experienced the so called "Bangalore Culture".
Common, these are just the words to introduce you to the dusty road of boozing and smoking to the extreme.
There are people who just come here to enjoy the luxuries of a metropolitan city. Just stay away from them.
Anything within the limit is good, don't do extreme!!!!

10) College life matters a lot in shaping your personality.
Improve your communication and interaction skills.
Take part in co-curricular activities.

Last words:
Give your reviews about your college and feedback about this site.
You can write some more points for the next batch and suggest any changes if needed....


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  3. Congrats for good rank rahul. S there is a chance to RV college. Go ahead.

  4. sir which will be better cs in bit or mvit ? reson plz?

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