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Difference between Autonomous Colleges and Non-autonomous colleges

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Autonomous colleges are the colleges which are under the University but still very much different from other colleges strictly under the university. They have the minimum interference from the university. Still, matters like fees, seats,etc. are entirely decided by the university not the colleges.

Following differences can be made out:
1. Autonomous colleges have their own syllabus, Non autonomous colleges follow same syllabus in strict accordance with university.
2.Examination papers are set by the faculty in autonomous colleges, while paper is set by university committee for other colleges.
3.Autonomous colleges provide with CGPAs or grades while the others get the marks.
4.Schedule is different for different autonomous colleges while same for each of the university colleges.
5.Degree is jointly awarded by university and the colleges in autonomous cases.
6.Normally, Autonomous students get more of the holidays in comparison with non autonomous colleges, thus providing them with ample time to do things apart from the studies such as internships.
7.Non Autonomous colleges in Karnataka are said to  have some of the craziest of the subjects, as the subjects are decided by the old fashioned university committee.
8.It is said that in autonomous colleges, if you are noted by the faculties, then your fate will be in the their hands.

Hence, it can be easily concluded that the autonomous colleges have a clear lead upon non autonomous colleges. But still, this shouldn't be made a base for selection of colleges as you will find that colleges which don't even figure in top 20 colleges list in Karnataka  have got autonomous status.

For complete list of autonomous colleges, click here.


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